Green Oasis

Our lovely collection of house plants – Aloe, succulents, hydroponic tomatoes, and more!

It’s January again! I actually love the month, despite the Michigan cold. However, I am looking forward to sunnier days and the blossoms of spring. I’ve been slowly collecting plants this year. I’ve managed to kill a few, but the grow light we are using for the hydroponic tomatoes seems to be keeping my new babies happier then I could with our east-facing windows alone.

Every time I look at the green oasis I’ve created in this corner of our home I feel a little rush of happiness. It’s addicting – I’ve found myself volunteering to go to Home Depot with my husband just so I can stroll through the plant section. I’ve joined a few houseplant groups on Facebook for inspiration – and discovered that some people have literally hundreds of plants! I have much to learn (like what plant brought the fruit flies inside with them?), but I am basking in my little corner of green!

How are you making your winter bright?

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